5 Mobile Browsers that are better than Google Chrome

Mobile Browsers are our true companion for accessing the Internet. Chrome is one of them which you most probably know or have used. Chrome is good with features & all but at the stack of your privacy & data. There are other contenders out there in the market better than chrome which deserves your try.

5 Mobile Browsers that are better than Google Chrome

Smartphones got a way to our pockets in our daily lifestyles very easily right? and why not? You literally can do anything with your smartphones nowadays. All credits for these indirectly goes to the cheap, fast & easily available Internet. According to the one report from Statista 47.96 global online Internet traffic comes from mobiles.

Browsers are our goto way to dive in the world of the Internet. There are plenty of mobile browsers available, the Internet giant Google’s Chrome mobile browser is the one which mostly comes preinstalled with mobiles nowadays. As per Statcounter Google Chrome retain 59.25% mobile browser share as on March 2019.

Google Chrome is definitely ringing the bells in the category of browsers, due to Google’s tight integration with the Android & Google ecosystem. Undoubtedly Google has good handful features like built-in Google translate, Voice Search, Safe Browsing, Sync across devices, etc.. But, not everything is rosy about Chrome, Google knows & stores all the activities you do & use these data for various purposes to run their ecosystem.

So next time when you have searched some products on Amazon App or something else on your Android mobile & when you visit some website kaboom!!! surprisingly you will see the advertisement of the same product you were searching on Amazon then don’t be surprised this is what Google does & how it earns from our data. This is just one scenario there can be many such cases, isn’t that scary? Well if you’re still not sure, it’s about your privacy & in this connected world privacy is one serious concern that you need to take care of.

There are few old-grown & newborn browsers out there in the market which have some quite handy features that you need nowadays. For this article, we’ve researched & rigorously tested web market’s prominent options like Firefox, Opera, Brave, Samsung, Dolphin browser for Android and almost all available for iOS also. In this article we’re going to compare each and every aspect of these browsers & how they lay down chrome, we suggest that you should definitely give them a try once. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Opera Browser

Opera Browser

Opera is there in browser business since 1996 & they have come a long way since then, opera is well known due to their Opera Mini browser that we mostly have used in old days & became a trusted company due to their long presence in the market.

The new Opera browser is Chromium based with a much-improved set of feature-rich options that you really need. Opera offers you a clean, well organized, an easily navigable user interface that you will definitely like.

Opera now provides a full-featured built-in VPN which is quite handy when you want to hide your location. Not only that Opera now supports native ad-blocking & taking care of a few annoying things & provides faster browsing.

If you let allow then opera can amaze you every time with AI-curated local & worldwide news content, you can even read this content distraction freely with reading mode & Night mode will help you for comfortable browsing with adjustable brightness in a night time.

Opera let you allow add your favourite pages to Home Screen of your mobile or as a Speed Dial on browser home page. Opera lets you translate web page very easily whenever you required. One best thing is you can sync & use your all browser data very easily on all other devices as Opera is also available for Desktop & Apple devices.

New opera provides a faster, cleaner & safe experience with all those nifty features that there is nothing that you will miss that much on Opera when you switch from Chrome. New opera is a strong contender of chrome & we are sure you will love using it.

Good performance Tab switching is a little bit clumsy
Ad-BlockerTracking protection could be a goo addition
In-Built VPN
A well-optimized browsing experience
Available for all devices

2. Firefox Browser

Firefox Browser

Firefox is an open source browser that is present in the market for the last two decades. Firefox focuses on good cause with the aim of providing a fast & safe Internet for people and managed by a non-profit foundation.

Firefox has chosen a different path than others & uses the Gecko browser engine. New age Firefox is branded as Firefox Quantum built upon the Servo rendering engine & focuses on speed & privacy.

When you first time opens the new Firefox you will notice it opens fast & you can feel that it’s simple, clean & it has well placed easily accessible menus. New Firefox is not sluggish like before, you can quickly access the browser, open & switch between multiple tabs easily without any hiccups, though adding of tab switching gestures could make it more better.

Firefox has been much improved in the department of privacy, it has new Private browsing mode with enhanced tracking protection, which blocks the ads & trackers that follow you around the Internet, which inherently results in faster experience for you.

One better thing about Firefox is support for extensions, themes, and add-ons that bring an entirely new world of feature possibilities. Firefox comes with inbuilt reading mode so reading lengthy content is distraction free & what more is Firefox available for all devices, so with Firefox sync you can send your tabs across devices with one click and all your browser data is synced across devices.

When someone asks for your mobile to browse something & If you’re hesitating in giving your mobile then now no need to worry, you can turn on Guest Mode & all your personal browsing data is not seen by the other person.

There are lot more feature enhancements present in new Firefox & when you use it definitely feels better than chrome & we are sure you will like using it.

Support for Extensions, Add-ons
& Themes
No inbuilt Dark mode
Enhanced Private Browsing mode
with Ad-blocking & Tracking Protection
Need to work little more on performance.
Data Saver & Reading Mode
Available for all devices

3. Dolphin Browser

dolphin browser

Dolphin is one more contender which is definitely ignored or not even known by many of us. Dolphin is in browser industry since last decade & runs on WebKit based browser engine.

Dolphin is one of a stronger competitor which gives pretty useful & advanced features then chrome. New Dolphin browser comes with HTML5 video player & native Flash support, which makes it stand out than others.

As you open the Dolphin browser, you will notice how different & pleasant it is than others. You can open your favorite sites & operate a browser with dolphin’s gesture support. You even can use it’s “Sonar” feature to search the web with your voice.

With Dolphin you can even browse the web in full-screen mode, dolphin also offers desktop-like tabbed browsing for easy switching. All features are conveniently accessed like if you swipe from the left edge then you will get history & bookmarks, by swiping from the right edge you can access add-on tools.

One thing that weird about dolphin is if you turn on incognito mode then by default all previously opened tabs also goes incognito mode, that means you can not separately use incognito mode & normal browsing mode.

Dolphin uses smart cache feature to load pages faster & overall dolphin packs a bunch of few more features like ad-blocking, support for add-ons, themes & many more which makes it one of the best chrome alternative that you should definitely try.

A good user interface with a
pleasing browsing experience
Need to work around the way
Incognito mode works with normal browsing mode
Flash supportFew stability concerns, need more internal refinement
Gesture & Voice searchLack of desktop browser
Support for Add-ons

4. Brave Browser

Brave Browser

Brave is a new baby in the browser world founded in 2016 with a focus on providing faster, safer & ad-free experience.

After the introduction of all above browsers if your crush for Chrome is still high then there is good news coming for you next. Brave for mobile is chrome with privacy & ad-blocking. Brave offers you simple familiar user experience with few tweaks here and there, its user interface is quiet look like chrome.

Brave is all about faster page loading & privacy. You will not get other glossy features & customization like others.Brave protect you on the Internet with its shield features as it blocks the ads, annoying pop-ups, scripts, trackers. That’s not it brave provides HTTPS everywhere, tracking protection, 3rd party cookies all of these inherently results in better speedy browsing & data usage reduction.

Brave also defenses you with additional Fingerprinting protection so sites cannot detect your browser, operating system, and other device feature so later they cannot identify & track you.

Brave blocks the ads but respect the efforts by sites, so brave give back small tip to the site you uses & spend time most with its unique brave rewards system.

Brave is open source chromium based browser so you can rely & trust on it. Brave is still in developing so new features are added with every update. Use brave once & you will definitely impressed.

Privacy perfected in almost all
Lack of reading & dark mode
Good simple & clean interfaceStill lack VPN
Faster browsing with good performance
Available for all devices & brave
sync can help you use your all
browsing data across devices.

5. Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser

If you’re Samsung device user you will definitely familiar with Samsung’s proprietary Internet browser. Recently Samsung has made available their browser for all android user. New update with One UI enhancements of browser looks elegant.

With Samsung Internet, you can do all the necessary things like you have speed dials for your favorite sites, dark mode for easy night browsing, High contrast mode for AMOLED display users and reading mode for distraction-free reading. You can get curated content as per your choice & it’s even available in your regional languages, but sadly you do not get the option to turn it off if you want.

Samsung internet has support for add-ons also but as of now only different ad-blocking add-ons are available. Samsung also offers enhanced tracking protection for your privacy. Samsung has introduced secret mode for private browsing which even has support for password/fingerprint protection so only you can use it.

All basic required features for normal users are present in this browser and you can sync your data across devices using Samsung account, as they say its browser will work well integrated with Samsung eco-system & their other devices. There is no Samsung desktop browser present at this moment.

There are few things missing like browser exit/quit button, so you can definitely feel there are lots of space for improvement in terms of speed, performance & other enhancements, but they deserve the chance that you should try it once.

Beautiful One UI interfaceLittle sluggish UI & need to improve performance & speed
Curated content with support
for local languages
Room for other improvements
Presence of all must required features.

Browser Performance

Websites nowadays are feature rich with excellent media contents; it’s very important that web pages load quickly & handled very well by the browser. We ran the Basemark Web 3.0 benchmark to test the browser’s performance.

Basemark 3 Browser Benchmark Score

In the result Brave easily leaves behind Chrome in terms of all aspects like Page loading speed, HTML5 & CSS3 capabilities, Scrolling, etc. Though Opera managed to score 2nd highest with all those nifty features while new improved faster Firefox surprisingly only able to score 183.2, in real life that doesn’t seem affecting the user experience.

Final Browser Comparison

Browser feature comparison


If you’re longtime Chrome user then it’s definitely tough for you to switch or you don’t even look at other options, but don’t forget the dark side of chrome. In the race of getting few feature benefits, you’re trading your data, privacy & identity with Google.

There are other strong alternatives present in the market with meaningful features & more privacy-centric. They deserve your attention & waiting that you try them at least once.

Choosing the best for you is dependent upon how much you use & what are your other priorities. It is definitely not easy, it’s all connected with how much you use the Internet, which type of content you consume, what are your expectations and requirements.

If you’re one of them who don’t want other rosy features and just want to surf the Internet with better privacy & speed, then Brave is the one that deserves your try. Well if you’re one of those who consumes lot’s of Internet & has more online footprint then you can give try to Opera, Firefox. While if you’re the one who is looking for feature rich browser with lot’s of advanced options then Dolphin will definitely impress you.

Now go try the best one that suits your requirements & chooses your true Internet companion. Let us know also in the comment section which is your best pick and why.


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