About Us

Tech2Explore is tech media startup based in India founded in April 2017. As site name suggest we love TECH so does we EXPLORE latest technology trends and brings the best of it 2 our readers. We aims to provide Tech News, Tips, How to, Best Buy, Top things: Smartphone, Apps, Software, Hardware and many more on our radar and that’s what our tagline tries to address “Everything You Love Tech”. We’re bunch of techies who have seen lots of tech in life and tinkered with it, troubleshoot it, learn it & do what it takes to understand it in short that’s all our in life.

about team

The Team that works in backyard of Tech2Explore is initially bunch of noobs in their life same as like you, later turned out to be techies/ geeks because of their die hard love towards Tech and learning attitude, they believe same for you.


Founder and Editor in Chief of Tech2Explore. He is a post graduate in Computer Engineering and Tech Geek at heart. He self-proclaim himself as a Human Crawler. When he is not writing for you, probably found exploring Tech on the Internet. Buddies call him Tech Troubleshooter & buy gadgets only after taking a piece of advice from him.


I am a computer geek, loves to program, build software applications. I look for new gadgets to get my hands on it. People often comes to me for good advice related to tech.


Software engineer, Technology Geek, Loves to play with new technology, Passionate about mobile application technology and machine learning.