Every time after the announcement of a new version of Android developers start scratching preview builds and try to get all those features on their application before release of Android, we get to taste that before release of Android, how lucky we are, aren’t we?

This time its veteran launcher app “Action Launcher” previously known as “Action Launcher 3” get all Google’s Pixel launcher features, but not before Nova Launcher, which is way ahead of a game. As the app is now dropping “3” suffix version number and rename as Action Launcher, apart from that logo of an app is also redesigned adaptive icon with material design. Action launcher is well known for creative use of color, customization and unique features.

action launcher desktop

App developer Chris Lacy found one interesting feature in Android O pixel launcher, which is an animating clock icon for clock app & successfully brought it to the new version of an app.


Well that’s not enough check few more features that are now available for everyone:

  1. Pixel Launcher features by default, for everyone: Sliding All Apps drawer, folder styles, animated caret indicator all this is in free version which was previously available as plus version.
  2. Pixel Launcher styling for App Shortcuts: Brings the Android 7.1’s App Shortcuts using  Google’s official “hold to activate” mechanics, as well as the bubble UI.app_shortcuts_bubble_ui
  3. New icon indicators: New informative and iconic icon indicators which are lighter & more quicker with a brand new look:icon_indicatorsWell apart from that app is also known for it’s unique features like QuickTheme, QuickBar, Quickedit, Shutters, Covers, SmartSize icons, etc. Aren’t you excited to get this awesome app? Get it from below & install & try it and also let us know did you like it it or not in comment section below.

Action Launcher Play Link


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