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It’s evident that Air plays a major role in our everyday life after all Air is the first human need & we’re surrounded by it. What matters here is Quality and Air pollution in India is getting increased drastically, at least  2 Indians die due to air pollution every minute which is a serious concern. In India Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Kolkata & other metro cities are top in most polluted in the country, living in all of these cities is like an inviting sickness. The government of India is already taking various measures to control the Air pollution by setting norms for Industries for Carbon Emission, launched Swachh Bharat Mission & other initiatives. While only Government not only can do everything so we need to be aware & make others for the same. Right in the time of need since last few months, Air Purifier market got dramatically increase and companies like Xiaomi, Philips, etc are quite serious about their products. Well, the problem with Air Purifiers is the measurement of problems in Air. All these Air Purifier do works automatically but not always when needed or you can say many times unnecessarily. Also, you can not carry them along with you to know the Air Pollution/purification levels. To cater this need India’s leading an air quality management company Atlanta Healthcare has partnered with AirVisual and brought the Airvisual NODE in October 2016.

Airvisual Node Top View

NODE is a portable air quality monitor that displays immediate particulate matter (PM), carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, Temperature and Humidity on a five-inch screen and via smartphone. Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Node, SMART air quality monitor identifies invisible airborne threats, to help people achieve healthier, more productive environments.

Node Specifications

This PM2.5 monitor, provides real-time PM, CO2 readings along with air quality forecasts, outdoor air quality insights, and phone alerts. Additionally, each Node contributes to an existing network of 8,000 monitors that are analyzed by AirVisual’s deep machine learning technology to track pollution sources and trends while improving the company’s in-house forecasting tools.


Node Features

  1. Measures PM2.5, CO2, Temperature, Humidity
  2. Monitor has a screen that shows indoor air quality compared to outdoor
  3. Wi-Fi connectivity with enhanced sensitivity to capture remote Wi-Fi signal
  4. USB charging
  5. Battery that ensures continuous measurements even during a temporary power cut (24/7 results). In case of a long power cut, the sensor automatically boots up when the electricity is back, without human intervention
  6. Web-based central reporting of the building’s air quality in real-time, Measurements time intervals are configurable
  7. Air quality data is accessible in real-time from the user-friendly dashboard & System supports automatic alerts based on customized rules
  8. All historical data can be downloaded in CSV format from the web browser and device has over 5 years’ internal measurement data logging capacity
  9. The sensor functions with or without an internet connection, sensor meets EC directives (CE certification) and FCC requirements
  10. Widgets are fully configurable to match specific requirements


  1. By controlling indoor air quality, you run air purifiers only when needed, extend your air filter’s life and save costs on replacement
  2. Identify air pollution leakage from outdoors in real-time
  3. Differentiate your work place by advertising good air quality backed up by data
  4. Improve productivity and morale in your work place
  5. Ensure the health of those under your responsibility and prevent potential law suits
  6. Share and promote the air quality within your own website (intranet or internet) and on digital signage screens in your office.

Speaking on the occasion of NODE launch, Mr. Vibhor Jain, CEO, Atlanta Healthcare shared, “The first step to improving air quality is to be able to monitor and detect the pollutants in the air. Aligned with our vision to bring the best in class innovation to customers in helping them breathe the pure air we are excited to announce our association with AirVisual to bring the world’s smartest Air Quality Monitor, the Node to India. In India, the biggest challenge today is the lack of awareness amongst customers on what they breathe and the impact of it on their health. With Atlanta Healthcare Airvisual Node, customers would be aware of what they breathe and take steps towards combating air pollution. Our vision is to create a network of Nodes across the country to provide accurate monitoring and actionable advice to the public to protect their health and combat air pollution threats.”

Atlanta Healthcare Airvisual NODE can be used to track pollution and is of particular relevance in spaces where people congregate like schools, gym, hospitals, hotels, Offices, Home, Industries etc. Node is priced at INR 22,950/-. It seems a little bit expensive but has decent build quality & value for money for what it provides many of early buyers are already rated in 4.5+/5. The product is available from Official Site of Atlanta Healthcare & also available at Amazon India.

Stay tuned with us soon we will bring the real life review of Atlanta Healthcare Airvisual NODE, let us know your thoughts in comment section below & stay connected with us on Social Media more such exclusive updates.



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