Android O

Android’s version naming iterations are always on top with speculations and why not? after all, more than half of world’s smartphones are powered by this people’s favorite smartphone operating system. Current Android version 7 is known as Nougat and there were lot’s of speculations previous year behind the naming of it like Nankhatai, Nutella, etc.

Now, this took heat again on the Internet since there is some source code and commit logs contains some references to “oc-dev” found in Android 8.0 preview builds. This “oc” possibly stands for “Oatmeal Cookie.” 


Now, this speculation took fire when many found “Oatmeal Cookie” in presentation slides of Google I/O 2017.

Still, we are not sure of it as it might be the temporary code name getting used in an internal build. According to the report of gizmochina that Android O is not going to be named as Oreo as Google & the popular cookie maker of Oreo – Nabisco hasn’t given any signal to Google for using it.

Earlier at Google I/O 2017, Google announced Android O and since then again race begun. After that Google released 2 preview builds of Android O & 3rd Preview build was released a few days back, Google will still release 4th preview build as a prep before final release around October 2017. According to trend, it’s likely to accept that next version of Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel Plus 2 are going to be preinstalled with Android O out of the box. Till then enjoy the hype of different naming conventions of Android O/8.0.




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