Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) turns 30 on 15th June 2017. First GIF was developed in 1987 which is an 8-bit format so it supports maximum 256 colors. Yes, your favorite GIF is that much old, you didn’t know it right? These days GIFs become part of our social sharing life on the Internet, whether it’s trolling your buddy or sharing joyful moments or online marketing or name anything GIFs are everywhere.

We are already enjoying shooting GIFs on your friends over various platforms like FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Hike, Telegram & even support in other internet tools. GIFs are available on Messenger since July 2015, since then people are using this feature like killing zombies in games. Here are some insights shared by Facebook on how much people have used GIFs on messenger since last year, Around 13 billion GIFs are shared on messenger means approx. 25,000 every minute and 400 million¬†GIFs were shared on New Year’s Day 2017, ohh man that’s hilarious!!! Are people forgot to chat?

On this occasion, Facebook took a step forward and brought the support of people’s favorite GIFs in Facebook comments on Website as well as App.


To insert GIFs in comments you have to tap small GIF button on right side of comments box, which brings some popular GIFs trending, you can hit keyword also get specific GIFs. Check the video below to see this feature in action.

GIFs in Comments

Posted by Facebook on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Google also shared a GIF on this occasion as G is for GIF.

We know you too love the GIFs, tell us in the comments section below for which purpose you use GIFs mostly.

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