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Facebook is always in taking a leap ahead when it comes to something that’s related to the Internet. Facebook rolled out find WiFi feature last year in some countries, now it starts making its way to the global.

The feature is meant especially for emerging markets where users often have limited data plans & with the aim of making people more connected even in the area where it’s difficult to find cellular data this feature can be handy. “Find WiFi” do exactly what its name suggests, it allows a user to find the places where some free open WiFi network available to use. This free open WiFi basically hosted by the businesses and informed to Facebook through their Edit Page Info section by adding they have WiFi also. It’s worthy to note that users who are going to use this open WiFi are going to be turned as customers also for businesses who are hosting free open WiFi.

To use this feature, open your Facebook app, go to More/Menu, open Apps there you will get “Find WiFi”. Click on it will open a new window, with asking permission of enabling Location services if not enabled. After that it will scan the area and list the places with additional information about a place where open WiFi is available, you can either jump to map view also from a top right corner, which will show the location on the map of available open WiFi with an option to “Get Directions” to that place. Find WiFi is now available on both Android & iOS Facebook app.

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See the feature in action below.

Find Wi-Fi

Posted by Facebook on Thursday, June 29, 2017



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