No…No…This time something new is not coming from the Apple, it’s Vivo who excellently did their R&D, which can really help in shaping the future of technology. At the Mobile World Congress 2017, Shanghai Vivo showcasing some of their inventions, most anticipated one is their latest under the display fingerprint solution. Without further ado let’s take a look at all of them.

Vivo Under Display Fingerprint Scanning Solution:

Yes, fingerprint sensor within the display to propagate the aim of making full-screen display without any hindrance. Vivo Under Display fingerprint system doesn’t need any button for a sensor, which really can help in achieving true full-screen display and an integrated unibody and mechanical waterproofing design.

Let’s take a look how it works. So, the fingerprint sensor is actually beneath the display and at a fixed designated place. The solution is based on Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors, Piezoelectric effect is used to produce & receive ultrasonic signals, this signal passes through 1.2mm thick OLED display & produces different reflection strengths at fingerprint ridges & valleys which generate one image, which is sent back to sensor for verification. This tech can also be further extended for gesture recognition,  security verification, and more possibilities. Take a look at all this in action below.

Unlocking to new possibilities for your devices! Vivo proudly uncovers the latest Under Display Fingerprint Scanning Solution, marking a new milestone for smartphone innovations! #VivoMWC2017

Posted by Vivo on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

DSP Photography Solution:

Next in the list is a solution for improving backlighting and night scene photography. Low-light photography is still a tough challenge, especially for smartphone manufacturers. New DSP photography solution aims to provide high-quality pictures with accurate exposure with an adjustable brightness of the image. So this is how it works, first it camera captures RAW images in tough lighting conditions then later DSP chip automatically process and compose a single RAW picture in JPG format.


Smartphone Hi-Fi audio:

Well this one is audiophile, Hi-Fi audio system with New customized DAC decoder chip and headphone amplifier technology aims to improve SNR, dynamic range, distortion, and output power. Vivo Xplay6 phone will be equipped with this tech.  It has SNR of 122dB, dynamic range of 120dB, distortion of -111dB, and output power of 2.2VRms which results in producing audio with better resolution and thrust, rich details, and strong spatial perception.vivohifi

Senior vice president of Vivo, Alex Feng says “Major brands have been taking actions to take in an advantageous position in the market this year. From process innovations in smartphone casings to dual lenses for both front and back cameras, and finally design breakthroughs in appearance, the smartphone industry has entered a new round of technological competition. We are set to increase our technology capabilities and bring better products to our consumers. That is how we keep our brand’s competitiveness in the long run.”


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