18th June is celebrated as Father’s Day, Father’s day is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between Father and Child. On this day child acknowledges the significance of their father’s in their life, to strengthen the bond between them. Accept it or not whatever you have achieved or wherever you’re standing in your life, it would be not possible without your father. Father have a very big role in nurturing us in every stage of life whether it’s raising you or being strict with you, after all, they do it for you.

Today, Google also tribute relationship between Father and child with “Cactus Doodle”. Cactus Doodle is in the form of GIF file, which is representing the importance of a father in the growth of life of a child at various stages like a cactus father taking care of a child, the father playing with a child, feeding and spending time with them in every moment.


Uber India also shared one emotional video with campaign #DadsWhoMoveUs, showcasing dads working at/with Uber India, where the family shares the importance & sacrifice done by the father for them. Check out a video below:

With more than 30 Million tweets, #HappyFathersDay is already trending on Twitter, here are a bunch of other tweets shared by Tech Giants on Father’s Day.

Do you have some story or something to say or wants give tribute to your father? Tell in the comment section below, the best one will be shared & promoted on our social media pages.

Happy Father’s Day!!!, Love you Dad.


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