Meizu has launched HD50 Hi-Fi earphone back in November 2015, We know it’s quite long since the launch but I’ve been using it regularly since then & loved the product so thought to bring this beauty in front of your eyes. Without wasting much time, let’s start the review.

2. Unboxing

If you ever used any Meizu product then you probably know the creative yet simple packaging style of Meizu, same here HD50 box is covered with thin plastic so prevents the box from unnecessary scratches. On a front side of the Box is the image of the HD50 while the back of the box represents the specification of HD50, a graph of sound levels, a sketch of HD50 & other necessary information.

After removing the plastic & opening the Box you will be greeted by “For the lovely ones Designed by Meizu” on the frosted plastic cover. Beneath it is the HD50 calmly settled in well-organized carrying case alongside with Manual.

As soon as you remove the frosted plastic cover & pick up the Black Travel bag, you realize that Travel bag is hard shell type, rectangular in shape and covered with a smooth mesh type black color fabric material on top of it. This Travel bag has excellent stitching on fabric & you can open it with a zip, which looks like good quality.This Travel bag is you can say medium in size & easy to carry in backpacks while you’re traveling, but remember it’s not a waterproof case.

You will also find a Manual inside the box. It’s in two language English & Chinese. It has all the necessary information about how to use a headphone with all functionalities, warranty card, safety rules & service support information.

As soon as you open the bag, you meet the real beauty “HD50”. Travel bag precisely carved placing for HD50 & all of its accessories. Apart from that, it also has two mesh pockets larger one for placing 1.2m Headphone cable & other smaller one is for placing two adapters.

Meizu has provided separate 1.2m cable for headphone. The Audio jack on both sides is plated with silver & comes with a color code, Red color Audio jack goes into the right side of headphone’s earmuff where also it’s marked with red color socket & white one is in audio device connectivity, so you can easily identify which side needs to connect with which.

Cable has also mounted three-button audio controls on its & microphone for voice calling purpose.The cable is made of an excellent quality material which not gets easily tangled & there is Velcro strip also there so you can easily manage the cable together.

Audio mounted control is also of metal and three-button type, in which + & – buttons to increase/decrease volume.

The center button is solely used for two purposes. If there is incoming call, press it once to pick it up, press & hold again to reject the call. Another functionality is for a music controlling purpose, press once to play & press again to pause the music, double press for next track & triple press for the previous track. These buttons have excellent tactile feedback & working without any problem. Besides it is microphone for voice communication.

Meizu doesn’t want to limit the application of using this headphone. So they provided these two extra adapters. One is the dual-pronged Aviation conversion adapter that can be used in the Airplane aviation system & another one is 6.35mm Audio conversion adapter. Both of these adapters are gold plated.

Once you pick up HD50 from a bag, I’m sure you will be going to say WOW!!! They are so much beautiful; you are going to feel it’s a High-end product. HD50 also follows the metal trend that’s currently going on, Earmuffs & headband is made from power alloy metal. Earmuffs have silver color plated & padding with synthetic leather, which is soft & comfortable. It also has angled bearing hinges that help according to the contour & also it’s foldable headphone. Earmuffs are of on ear type design & this ear muffs are covered with soft leather & once you put it on the ear you are going to realize that cushion on the earmuff is very much comfortable. Meizu has done an outstanding job in crafting this headphone, levels of details are fantastic.

Headband is also stitched with the same leather material of earmuff. Stitching quality is also excellent & there is also some cushion around this headband so you will feel this soft padding on a head. Headband is adjustable, so you can adjust it according to the size of your head which makes it very much comfortable. On top of the headband, there is engraved MEIZU logo. Headband is designed in such a way that it won’t give much pressure & stress on ear even after hours of usage. Inside of the earmuffs, L & R printed so you easily know the correct side to put on the ear.

Meizu HD50 has Dual cavity & bio diaphragm design. Meizu has provided excellent driver membrane which is capable of producing the vibrations of higher as well as lower vibration frequencies. Apart from that HD50 also produce a good level of bass due to the use of dual sound chamber design. You might be thinking what’s this dual sound chamber design, then here is the logic behind it, the front chamber is used for airflow compensation which helps in getting very clear vocal output & the second chamber is used for bass reflex which helps in strong yet balanced bass output that does not vibrate. I must say the earmuff’s inner design is truly the masterwork.HD50-18



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