Outlook Redesigned

Microsoft Outlook an email client wants to be the one App for your all needs of different email accounts,  App has some decent features & UI still lacking some functionality like easy to follow email threads, search & all. But Microsoft is always listening to their users & feedbacks and the result is a more improved version of Outlook App is announced. Check the introductions video by MS Outlook below.

New MS Outlook App brought redesigned conversation experience, ability to quickly switch between accounts and browse folders & new intelligent search capabilities, powered by Microsoft Graph. Let’s take a look at what’s new in App.


New Redesigned Outlook Accounts

Key experience of any App is easy to use & intuitive navigation. In the previous version of App if you want to jump in some other folder of different email account then you need to go through many clicks, well Microsoft heard same from their users and brought new easy to do navigation. Now you can quickly switch between accounts and folders. Different accounts now appear in a beautiful sidebar with different folder neatly placed very right of the sidebar. Which enables a user to super-fast access to all your accounts, as well as key folders such as Inbox, Drafts, and Groups and Help and Settings buttons are easy to get to in the sidebar.


Outlook Conversations

Email conversations have already come the long way from a list of replies to intractable cards. The previous version of App has normal conversations UI where a set of actions like Reply, Forward appear as a set of icons & previous emails are appearing as collapsed list so you need to click through all of this for any actions. Well, new conversation UI eliminates all these redundancies, now Outlook App shows more part of a conversation at once and provides clearer separation between individual messages. When you tap first on a conversation it automatically first shows unread message & replying to a conversation is easy.

Outlook Quick Reply
Outlook Quick Reply

Quickly reply to everyone by simply tapping the quick reply box & hit send button that’s it, moreover you can now see the previous conversation while you’re typing a reply. If you want to do more than quick reply than simply tap the recipient’s list to edit, or the ellipsis to get to the additional actions, like Forward.

3Intelligent search- Coming Soon

Outlook Intelligent Search

Searching & finding something quickly in email is a painful task, Microsoft soon will bring Intelligent Search powered by the Microsoft Graph. This will bring the search results from your top contacts, upcoming travel itineraries, package deliveries and recent attachments. Apart from that search will be front and center in the app’s simplified tab bar.  Search results show People and Files seamlessly integrated as part of the search experience and typing a something in the search box will instantly display suggestions from your most frequent contacts.

Redesigned navigation, Conversations features are available in Outlook app for iOS & Android while Intelligent Search will be rolled out in very near future.


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