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It’s been over a year since the Motorola’s first modular smartphone Moto Z was launched with Moto Mods and yesterday, a new set of Moto Mods have finally been unveiled. The new Moto Mods include a GamePad, new JBL SoundBoost 2 speaker, TurboPower pack, and a wireless charging shell. They’ll all drop in at varying price points throughout the summer. Let’s take a look at each Mod and their specification

  • Moto Gamepad: If you’re a fan of mobile gaming then you should definitely get this one. As the name suggests, this is a gamepad that you dock your phone in to give you that fully controlled gaming experience, like Nintendo Switch. It includes dual control sticks, D-pad, and four action buttons, along with its own 1035 mAh battery. It’ll cost $79.99it’ll arrive later this summer.
  • JBL SoundBoost 2: An update to the original SoundBoost, this new SoundBoost 2 speaker can last up to 10 hours, It features a premium design with fabric and improved contours for a better premium feel. It also has a water-repellent coating. Motorola is launching a new My JBL app with it to give you controls over music. It’ll cost $79.99.

    (Image Source: Motorola)
  • Moto TurboPower Pack: If you’re a fan of OnePlus’ Turbocharging technology and always want to have something like it then this is the Moto Mod you have been waiting for. Like a TurboPower charger, this Moto Mod allows you charge your Moto Z family phones fast, rather than the sipping style from earlier power packs. It features an embedded 3490 mAh battery that also recharges fast. Only time will tell if it can compete with OnePlus‘ groundbreaking technology or not. It’ll cost $79.99.

    (Image Source: Motorola)

Moto Style Shell with wireless charging: We have all heard about the new Samsung or iPhone being able to charge wirelessly, Here you have style shells that add design to your Moto Z, but this time they also add wireless charging capabilities. So if you’d like to be able to wirelessly charge your phone, just slap one of these on and then slap the phone on a charging pad. They’ll cost $39.99.

(Image Source: Motorola)

 Moto Mods will work with your first gen Moto Z phones.

We have another secret Moto Mod news for you.

(Source: techdroider)

According to an Evan Bass tweet, Motorola released a new Moto for its Moto Z phone family. The new Moto 360 Camera in a press event in Ghana. There is also a Techdroider report that confirms this. No information regarding specifications, price, or release date has been announced in that press event. you can watch the launch event here at GhanaWeb TV and Here. At this point, further information beyond the fact the camera shoots 360-degree footage appears to be unavailable, so we don’t have pricing details or a release date and it’s unclear whether Motorola even plans to release the 360 Mod outside of Ghana.

(Source : techdroider)

Excited aren’t you? Seeing this much capability in a smartphone. What’s next moto mod should be? Show us your ideas in the comment section below.



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