New album feature for WhatsApp android beta users


Whatsapp version 2.17.235 beta got new cool album feature. This new feature is introduced to how exactly media appears in your chat conversation. This new album feature aims to reduce the scroll & clutter free interaction when you send/receive lots of media. So what exactly this feature is when you share more than 4 images it appears in WhatsApp chat screen sequentially, means if you send/receive 25 images then you have to scroll a lot to reach at the end of the chat screen, well that’s quite tidy & cumbersome way of interaction and make your chat screen look like flooded.

Whatsapp Album Feature
Whatsapp Album Feature

The solution is introduced or actually inspired from what we have seen on Facebook. In this beta version of WhatsApp if you send/receive more than 4 images then those images are grouped automatically into an album and appear nicely like you can see in above image, tapping on group pops up media viewer in which you can see all your images sequentially. This new feature is introduced in terms of feedback from WhatsApp users. Though this feature is made available for iOS beta users a few days back and today Android yet it is not made available for everyone, only WhatsApp beta users can access it right now & will be made available for everyone in very near future.


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