Secret Virtual fidget spinner inside Google Search

Google adopted fidget mania with Virtual Fidget Spinner inside Google search, as bonus "Wheel of Fortune" also included.


Fidget Spinner are everywhere, don’t know what it is? It’s 2016-17’s hottest toy in the market, which went out of stock many times online. “Fidget spinners” are small, ball-bearing devices that the user can rotate between his or her fingers. The momentum of the toy provides a pleasing sensory experience. Basically, it’s marketed as an aid for whom suffering from anxiety, autism & ATHD disorder but turned out to be the toy for others that it’s banned in classrooms of many countries.

Google itself is not able to resist themselves from fidget mania. Google has added secret virtual fidget spinner feature inside Google search. It can be accessed by only entering particular keyword inside Google search. To use this you have to enter “spinner” word inside Google search & hit enter, which brings the virtual spinner widget.

fidget in google

This feature available on all popular browsers on desktop & mobile. You can play with it in two ways, either you simply click the “Spin” button which brings it in action or you can use your mouse on desktop or finger on mobile to rotate & play around it. Google has also added virtual  “Wheel of Fortune” also, just toggle button on the top right corner of spinner widget & it brings the wheel, with which you can customize it also by selecting numbers from 2 to 20.

wheel of fortune

Excited to play around it, well we made it simple click HERE to start the fun. Liked it or not, well we wait for your comments below.


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