Sponsered Post Guidelines

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At Tech2Explore we publish high quality & informative articles about Tech News, Tips, How To Guides, Reviews and much more. We also accept articles from other bloggers or from sponsors. If you have niche that suits to our readers than you can sponsor your content on Tech2Explore. We believe that by doing this you & your business will be surely benefited. We accept these posts as paid publications with fulfillment of our guidelines. To publish a sponsored post on Tech2Explore, you must have to adhere following guidelines:

  • You wants to showcase something that you have through Tech2Explore that’s advertising & you can do that with sponsorship.
  • All the sponsored posts will be clearly mentioned as they are sponsored posts, in accordance with FTC regulations. The article will be end with “This article was sponsored by (Name).”
  • Each post must have a minimum of 300 words and can include up to 3 “no-follow” links as per Google’s guidelines. We reserve the right to edit your posts if any grammar, spelling, or formatting corrections are needed.
  • A sponsored post must include at least one high-resolution image (or up to one video file) relevant with your topic. You must have the right to use these images or video, or they must be released under a Creative Commons license.
  • We reserve the rights to bring down the sponsored post from our site, if we find it violates a copyright or patent.
  • Views expressed in a sponsored post don’t represent Tech2Explore and we do not posses any relationship with sponsor.
  • All sponsored posts must be in accordance to the theme of Tech2Explore and we reserve the final decision to accept or reject a sponsored post.
  • Agreement & terms of the partnership must not be disclosed to any third-party. It’s strictly against our policy.

We are waiting to hear from you. Feel free to reach us at admin@tech2explore.com anytime and we would love to work with you.