The year of 2017 started with a buzz of Samsung Galaxy S8 then wave of OnePlus 5 & now it’s Apple iPhone 8 time. It’s all started within last few leaks, first, there are some leaks of protective cases which representing the design & shape of the iPhone 8 & revealed the biggest change “Vertical Dual Camera” and we loved this new setup.

iPhone 8 back

Then after, again few reports are purported about the display size & two models but all these mockups are not looked promising & when it’s like the wave is getting disappear this time new iPhone 8 prototype, screen protector & cases appeared in very high-quality video by “EverythingApplePro” and this time the prototype looks quite furnished, designed with good details which indirectly says this is probably the final design of iPhone 8. Though the camera set up on this model little look not like what we have seen in previous leaks. Prototype model itself is designed from metal & front-back covered by the glass which looks prone to fingerprint. Check the video below for hands-on of iPhone 8 Model, screen protectors & cases.

Well, did you noticed one thing? There is no fingerprint sensor with touch button on the front side, it’s full display without any hindrance. That also took heat since last few days that new iPhone 8 is going to be equipped with some iris scanner technology like Samsung Galaxy S8 and Graphics designer “Martin Hajek” has designed some beautiful renders as a sum of all leaks happened in last few weeks, there is also absence of fingerprint, though we’re not sure of all leaks, after all, it’s Apple, only time can tell us about that which is going to be around September when this beast will be unleashed. Till then enjoy some beautiful renders of iPhone 8 in white color which look quite astounding.

Check remaining renders in black color by Martin Hajek from HERE.


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