Top 5 Android Wallpaper Apps

Day by day Smartphones displays are packing more and more pixels & producing beautiful results as the emergence of big (5.5” inch) IPS & AMOLED display with FHD, QHD & UHD resolution and that’s enough to attract anyone’s eyes on beautiful wallpapers. Wallpapers are integrated part of our life & represents our habits, likes, dislikes, mindset, mood, personality & you can keep your loved ones in front of your eyes. I am a big fan of wallpapers; there are lots of wallpaper app on Google Play Store & here I jotted down the best list of Top 5 Android Wallpaper Apps that every Android users should try at least once. Let’s start exploring them.

[1] Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)

Only the app that is residing in my mobile since quite long, it is present on Google Play since 2011 & loved by millions of users worldwide & has a very big database of handpicked wallpapers from various artists by OGQ staffs. App has a very simple, fast & light material design UI that is focused more on the wallpaper and consumes fewer resources of your mobile.

Beautiful & New Wallpapers are updated every day. You can navigate through UI by swiping left or right. As you open the app you will see “Recent” app section, which shows latest new wallpapers. App has more than 30 Categories, which include all types of wallpapers that you love to check & apart from that it has sort listed 100,000+ Downloads & User Uploads wallpapers section. Very next in left is “Feed” section, which is a community-based feed timeline where you can follow your favorite artists & their uploads, you can like, comment, mentions & share. App has one niftier filter section, which shows Popular Wallpapers filtered by Daily, Weekly, Monthly and All Time Popular. App has Shuffle wallpaper section that shows random but most viewed good wallpapers, which is enough to surprise you anytime.

By creating an account on the app you can upload & share your own work also and that takes back up of your favorites also. As soon as you tap on wallpaper, you will notice very neat & clean UI pops up, which shows wallpaper & their likes, comments, views, tags & downloads in very well arranged manner. You can set it as wallpaper by just single tap, which also gives you an option like crop, filters with various wallpaper set modes (standard, entire, fixed, scrollable). You also can do like, comment, download & share any wallpaper very easily. One cool feature is you can send specific wallpaper as a gift to someone. Every wallpaper screen also includes artist’s information, license details and URL of the artist’s web page apart from that you can follow them & shows all related images. The search feature is also well integrated; we can search by Keywords and Users/Artists who uploaded images.

It has one cool feature “OGQ Cover”, which is lock screen wallpaper solution that automatically changes wallpaper time to time on lock screen. App also has simple clock widget & live wallpaper feature and you can also view your device local images as a very clean gallery. The app is free to use with few ads that will not disturb your experience. I must say this app is indeed a best all in one app solution for all Wallpaper lovers.

Feature That We Like:

  • Simple, Clean & light UI
  • Huge list of various categories
  • Daily new wallpapers

Backgrounds HD

[2] Wallz – HD Stock, Community & Live Wallpapers

This is one of the best app which has a handpicked collection of wallpapers from various sources like Flickr, 500px, Pixabay, Google+, BING gallery. Apart from that if you are a lover of OEM specific wallpapers then this app will never let you down, it contains stock wallpapers from 30+ OEMs with 100+ devices and the Wallz community.

Wallz app contains millions of wallpapers as of now that are updated every day. Wallpapers are categorized as WALLZ: Community, Editor’s Choice, Material Design, AMOLED, Super Hero & Villans, Minimalist and many different categories until you scroll down to end. It also shows top searched tags above this section which is very handy for keeping an eye on trending wallpapers. UI is designed in such a way that it’s easy to navigate, crop and set wallpaper within few clicks. Swiping left brings OEM Wallpapers collection and swiping right brings Favourites section.

Wallz has a dark material design that is quite responsive & gives a smooth experience. Wallz has some more features that you definitely going to love, you can manage downloaded wallpapers within the app which is quite handy. Wallz also has smart search feature through which you can enter any keyword related to OEMs, groups, tags, photos & relevant result will pop up. Wallz has one cool Blur tool which is not there in any other wallpaper app, through which you can add blur effect & set it as wallpaper. You can also set live wallpaper with Blur effect & Parallax scroll on home screen.

In settings, there is a feature to Turn on Auto Change wallpaper with a custom duration which will change wallpaper automatically. It has one small sweet widget “Wallz Random” which resides in one of the corners of your launcher, simple one tap on it will set Best wallpaper from Wallz Community. Wallz also allows you to choose Display resolution so Wallpapers are loaded accordingly. The basic version of Wallz app is free to use while pro version removes ads & full features with support from the app team.

Feature That We Like:

  • Wallz Random widget
  • Collection of OEM Wallpapers
  • Blur Effects
  • Auto Change wallpaper

Backgrounds HD[3] Backdrops – Wallpapers

If you are a Fan of Material UI then you must use this app at least once. This app is precisely crafted with plenty of Material UI design elements and overall experience is splendid.  UI has a Dark Blue color with a White color font, apart from that UI adapt to the color of wallpaper you’re watching which is really a treat on Eye.
An app is divided into 4 Sections: Community, Explore, Collections and Favorites. This classification is simple yet useful. Explore section contains Wallpapers that are uploaded by Community users like us, We can also upload an image which appears in this section. Explore section features “Wall of the Day” wallpaper designed by the App developer and a good thing is it’s updated daily. These are the wallpaper you guys should have to take a look once. We also have an option to favorite wallpaper which will appear in Favorites section. Backdrops has 12+ different wallpaper categories, believe me, you can’t resist yourself from downloading them all once you take a look at it. One more cool feature “Top Tag” which enables you to find wallpapers by Color & Tags. Pro version of this app remove advertisements and we can save wallpaper from Explore & Collections Section.

Feature That We Like:

  • Wall of the Day
  • Beautifully crafted UI
  • High Quality Content

Backgrounds HD[4] Walli – Wallpapers HD

Walli is the only one app whose wallpapers are featured on Google Wallpapers app. It’s not like just another backgrounds app, Walli app has a high quality, selective collection of unique and cool wallpapers exclusively made by artists. Walli has a great creative collection of artwork kind of wallpapers which are made by a selective community of artists from around the world and for their talented work they get rewarded for their work.

Walli app has 4 main sections, as soon as you open an app you will be treated with “Recent” section, which is neatly arranged in a feed like UI showing newest upload by artists. Other sections are Featured,  Popular & Categories, categories section has a unique classification of artworks that you can’t find on other apps, I love this one.

Walli has clutter free UI with lots of free space which gives a calm experience of the app while you are using. Walli app also gives you the option to choose best resolution image that fits your device when you download. App also allows managing downloaded wallpapers from profile section. A basic version of an app is free to use while pro version of the app gives you ad free experience & donation to artists & access to all future pro features.

Feature That We Like:

  • Quality Creative Artwork content
  • Unique Categories

Backgrounds HD[5] WallpapersCraft – Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds

You will surely love this app for its simplicity & it display only wallpapers that match your screen size. The app detects your device’s resolution and shows only wallpapers that are adapted to your screen, this will indeed a great relief while applying any wallpaper. App is simple & easily to use & focused Wallpapers and their quality. As soon as you open the app again it will show how many new wallpapers are added since your last visit.

App includes all Popular categories & tags of wallpapers that are updated everyday & only of its kind which offers Ultra HD 4K images. App has 3 sections New, Rating & Popular which works exactly their name suggests. App shows most beautiful places of the world, city, and country, technology, memes and just beautiful Wallpaper free for every day. App also allows to favorite & manage downloaded wallpapers through history section. While you download the image it also gives you choice to download image with a resolution that you want. App is free to use without any advertisements.

Feature That We Like:

  • Simple, Easy to use
  • 4K backgrounds & high-quality content
  • Wallpapers only that adapts your screen (I love this one)

Backgrounds HDHope you like our detail exploration tour of all these apps, tell us which you downloaded & which one you love most in a comment section below. If we missed any good app bring it in front of our eyes also.


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