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On the planet Earth, there is one person Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq working as a developer in a firm in Saudi Arabia, he has some honest feedback about his employer/firm, but like everyone else in the world working under someone, they can’t tell honest opinion to their superiors very easily due to the fear of getting fired?. But Tawfiq is not like that every other guy, he is not one of them who sit ideally & blame the world. He found one intermediate solution to this situation and born(developed) in February 2017. Tawfiq gave his idea a name Sarahah (in Arabic صراحه) means Frankness, Openness, Honesty and that’s what he wants to say to his employer. allows employers to give honest feedback to their employer being completely anonymous. 

When ringing bells in corporate world Tawfiq realized that why not give more personal touch, he released Sarahah as an anonymous messaging app in June 2017 on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The aim of Sarahah app is to help you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your friends or anyone in a private manner. The app is already got downloaded more than 10 million times on the Planet Earth and sitting on the Top list of Apps in App Stores within a very short span.

How Sarahah App Works?

One reason Sarahah app is viral because of its simplicity. If you want to receive anonymous feedback you first need to Signup on an app to make your profile by creating your id & other necessary details. Once you have done with this stage you will first get the popup of App Settings.

Settings have some basic controls but an important one is a Privacy, it gives you two important control. One Appear in Search by this setting you can choose you wants to appear in other Sarahah app user’s search query and second is Allow unauthorized Users to Post means you can control that do you want to receive messages only from Sarahah App registered users or any unauthorized users can send you a message by using your shared profile link, by default it’s enabled. Remember whatever the way people sent you to message you can’t know the identity of them, that’s anonymity here.

The home screen of the app is simply showing the Received messages and you can navigate to Favorite Sent messages section. You can see your favorite received messages & sent messages in this screens. Though as of now you can’t reply a received message or follow or be a friend like on social media.

The app has bottom navigation menu as per latest trend of design, menus are like “Messages, Search, Explore & Profile”. In search, you can enter a name or id of Sarahah user to sent anonymous message directly to them, though search section does not work quite well. Another is upcoming Explore section that’s surprising but something like a feed of user’s anonymous messages they choose to share and last one is user’s profile. You can share your profile link from here to anywhere. Who ever click on your shared profile link to give you anonymous message will see a window like the one in above image. Although you can also use Sarahah’s official website to do all of this.

Why is Sarahah App Viral? There is a Good & Bad side of this coin.

According to the official site of Sarahah’s the Aim is “Sarahah helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner”. It sounds good but, can you really tell an unpleasant but honest thing to your friend, family or anyone in person with ease? No, right. It’s harsh, can break relations & much more thing can happen that you’re thinking right now in your mind. But if you think in a positive way then Sarahah can be your companion in improving yourself by getting know your areas of improvement from closed ones being completely anonymous. That’s the Aim of developer also, but like every coin has two sides this is the one positive side of this coin. Another side of a coin is kind of negative,  why? let me tell you.

On the Planet Earth, not only good human species are living there is more opposite of them. That’s what happened when Sarahah reached on the shores of the Internet. Good ones got on board of Sarahah in expectations to get things know about themselves that they even don’t know, so they shared Sarahah feedback link over the Social world. On another side, people are using this chance to telling anything bad that you can think of. People are using it for bullying, spreading the hatred, rage & even threatening?, being a feature of complete anonymous.

Being a hit app all over the world still, Sarahah got only 3.1 Average rating on Google Play Store. Around 12,000 people rated it 5⭐ and around 10,500 people rated it 1⭐. The reason behind this variation is more of people especially teenagers are using it with negative purpose. That’s why many of them reported the app due to they got responses that not even they thought of. According to one review on Google Play Store, “My 13-year-old sister uses this and she got a death threat aimed at our 2-year-old brother”, not expected this kind of thing right. Many have even reported this app due to they received even messages of Sexual Harassment?. Did you ever think it will ever reach the case of Cyber-Bullying?

Thanks, Almighty that this App allows only to tell something, but when you read something ungracious about yourself it’s enough to destruct your mindset & confidence. After all, it’s your choice to sign up on this app & you need to be strong, you should know the reality & you have to decide which things you have to take seriously, be ready to receive toxic comments & proceed with caution.

Many Were on Board, Will Sarahah Survive?

Apparently, Sarahah is not only an app on this journey of anonymous messaging platforms. There were Yik YakWhisper and PostSecret which has similar kind of aim, but they were being more like the social app where you can even share messages, they also took fire initially when they released but started failing after some time due to the various dark sides like privacy, cyber-bullying, harassment & threats.



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